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St Mary’s Practice

Just a short post today and a shout out for one of our valuable customers: Dave met Mrs Keyte today while cleaning her Range, she was telling him about their business. Mrs Keyte’s  husband David is an Osteopath and they have three sites which they have built up over the years. St Mary’s Practice at Bungay,

A Kooka Kleen Safety Note

Dave had to do a professional oven clean on a Large Range the other day for a regular customer. He also knows the customers daughter as he has to clean her oven as well. His customer was relating to him how her daughter was having trouble with her Ceramic Hob after she had dropped a saucepan on

Kooka Kleen Customers – Commercial and Domestic Electricians – GD Contract Ltd

Dave cleaned a gas range for a customer in Attleborough this week. They are called GD Contract Ltd and are really busy as they have just moved into larger premises for their business. GD Contract Ltd are Commercial and Domestic Electricians and might be of use If you have any problems of that nature. Call

Beware of Silicone

Dave professionally cleaned a Range the other day and the Customer was trying to explain the reason why she wanted it cleaned. It was more to do with a mistake than due to any real dirt build up and it’s a lesson to us all really. The lady had bought two silicone trays and had

Mobile Phone signals and the Christmas run-up

Dave heard a little tip the other day when he was talking to a chap from Orange. The Orange man said you get a better signal if you hold your mobile in your right hand. It has something to do with your left-hand and your heart-line. Dave’s been, and will shortly be going to, Beccles,

Have your filters changed

Dave’s been really busy of late working on some Aga’s and Ranges as well as the normal Single and Double ovens. Don’t forget we also professionally clean Microwaves and Cooker Hood/Extractors which often need there filters changed and if we are there doing your cooker it can make sense to have it done at the same

Book a Kooka Kleen in advance

Dave’s been cleaning ovens and cookers in Easton, Burgate Little Green, Cringleford, Diss, Pulham St Mary, Bungay and Debenham on a bit of a grand tour of Norfolk recently. This week has been a rich mix of cookers, single ovens, double ovens and plenty of cooking ranges too. Dave’s had a few customers of late

Kooka Kleen Customer: Saltgate House

Dave visited Saltgate House today to clean their Large Gas Cooking Range. They must care about their customers to have their cooker professionally cleaned by Kooka Kleen. Dave said it was great to meet Carol and Steve, they run this Bed and Breakfast in the Historic Market town of Beccles, Suffolk. They made Dave feel