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Oven Cleaning in Yoxford

Dave has had an eventful week! He was in Yoxford, parked opposite the shop,professionally cleaning some oven racks in his vans’ oven cleaning dip tank, which were from the customer’s oven, when a lady began having trouble starting her car. She asked a chap who was walking by for some help and then she also asked Dave for assistance. The

A Kooka Kleen Safety Note

Dave had to do a professional oven clean on a Large Range the other day for a regular customer. He also knows the customers daughter as he has to clean her oven as well. His customer was relating to him how her daughter was having trouble with her Ceramic Hob after she had dropped a saucepan on

Is your Beko, Flavel or Leisure Cooker Dangerous? How to check.

ITV News has found out that up to 7000 Beko cookers manufactured before Jan 2009 can pose a serous risk to the users health, that could lead to serious injury or even death, if they are not operated in accordance with the user manual. If you own a Beko, Leisure or Flavel cooker and you

Busy Summer – Book Early

What a busy Summer here at Kooka Kleen, the cooker’s keep coming and coming, If you are thinking of booking with us the more notice you give us the more chance we can book you in on a time and date that suits you best. Dave’s been all over the place of late cleaning cooking

Kooka Kleen Customers: Monsters and Greeting Cards

Dave cleaned a Double Oven in Hessett last week and met Hazel, who was telling Dave how she runs a Greetings card business. The cards are for charity and are really lovely cards and are all made in the UK, so you can help others by buying cards you want. Hazel also sells Notecards, Giftwrap,

Kooka Kleen Customers: Mrs Kiddies Cakes

Dave did a bit of time travelling last week, He cleaned a free standing gas cooker from circa 1949! He has done the maths and that make its 63 years old! A classic cooking appliance indeed. The customer bought it for £75.00 and it still cooks and runs well, in fact Dave thinks it was

Kooka Kleen Customers: Monsters Ltd and Chequers B&B

Dave cleaned a Small Range Cooker the other day and encountered a Monster! well sort of anyway. The nice lady who’s range he was getting spotless runs Monsters. If you have not heard of Monsters, it’s one of the best indoor children’s play area’s around and is situated in Diss in Norfolk. Monsters has slides, ropes, loads

Mobile Phone signals and the Christmas run-up

Dave heard a little tip the other day when he was talking to a chap from Orange. The Orange man said you get a better signal if you hold your mobile in your right hand. It has something to do with your left-hand and your heart-line. Dave’s been, and will shortly be going to, Beccles,

Have your filters changed

Dave’s been really busy of late working on some Aga’s and Ranges as well as the normal Single and Double ovens. Don’t forget we also professionally clean Microwaves and Cooker Hood/Extractors which often need there filters changed and if we are there doing your cooker it can make sense to have it done at the same

Kooka Kleen Customers: Bill and Ben Gardening Services and Mark Doubleday

Sometimes its worth asking us what local tradesmen/women or companies we come across. For example Dave recently cleaned a cooker clean for Mark Doubleday, a local Builder of 25 years experience in the Bungay area. He found Mark to be very interesting regarding accounts of his workmanship. Mark is contactable on 01986 896647 should anyone require