Oven Cleaning in Yoxford

Dave has had an eventful week! He was in Yoxford, parked opposite the shop,professionally cleaning some oven racks in his vans’ oven cleaning dip tank, which were from the customer’s oven, when a lady began having trouble starting her car.

She asked a chap who was walking by for some help and then she also asked Dave for assistance. The next thing Dave knew he was pushing a Ford Ka down the street. He had some very hard soled shoes on, which he found out while this was happening, did not have an awful lot grip. Dave was slipping and sliding about like something worthy of Norman Wisdom. The other poor guy was only adding to Dave’s effort twofold.

Between them they got the car going and then both wobbled back to what they were doing, a bit red and out of puff. If you ever need to test how fit you are try pushing a random car 30 metres down a road. Dave has discovered he is not as fit as he should be or thought he was.