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Topping up my tan in Norfolk

I get to clean Ovens in the oddest of places sometimes; it’s not always in peoples home as you would think was the case. Yesterday I went to a small industrial estate near Harleston in Norfolk. The owner of the oven wanted it cleaned as he was going to sell it on eBay and wanted it

Kooka Kleen Safety Warning – Have your cooker switch checked

For over four years now I have been professionally cleaning ovens and I thought I had seen it all in my daily work but things like I am now going to talk about prove how wrong you can be. Last week I was working on a property that was part of a local letting agencies

Cratfield Cattery

I provided an oven cleaning service for another customer last week who runs a Cattery. It’s situated in a lovely peaceful rural area that is very picturesque. It must be a lovely place for any cat to have a restful holiday at. All the cats I saw were peacefully sunning themselves in the warm weather

Dave visits The Store – Saxmundham

I had a customer I did a professional oven cleaning service for this week who was telling me about the business she runs in Saxmundham, which is a market town in Suffolk. I thought that Mrs Kooka Kleen is going to need to know about this one! The business in question is called “The Store”

Oven Cleaning in Yoxford

Dave has had an eventful week! He was in Yoxford, parked opposite the shop,professionally cleaning some oven racks in his vans’ oven cleaning dip tank, which were from the customer’s oven, when a lady began having trouble starting her car. She asked a chap who was walking by for some help and then she also asked Dave for assistance. The

A Kooka Kleen Safety Note

Dave had to do a professional oven clean on a Large Range the other day for a regular customer. He also knows the customers daughter as he has to clean her oven as well. His customer was relating to him how her daughter was having trouble with her Ceramic Hob after she had dropped a saucepan on

Kooka Kleen Customer: Alderwood Lodges

While Dave was out cleaning a cooking range he met Leigh who was telling him about her three Holiday Lodges. You can stay in them and they are located in Garboldisham, Norfolk. The lodges are set on a nine acre site amongst woodlands, grasslands and situated by the Little Ouse stream. The site  holds a

Kooka Kleen Customer: MRE Firewood

Dave’s been to Wickham Skeith in the last week to do some oven cleaning for his customer, who runs a Firewood Business called MRE Firewood. Mr Eggleton who runs MRE Firewood, was telling Dave that he is very busy at the moment as his customer’s are stocking up for the winter chill. MRE’s firewood is

Kooka Kleen Customers: Monsters and Greeting Cards

Dave cleaned a Double Oven in Hessett last week and met Hazel, who was telling Dave how she runs a Greetings card business. The cards are for charity and are really lovely cards and are all made in the UK, so you can help others by buying cards you want. Hazel also sells Notecards, Giftwrap,

Kooka Kleen Customers: Mrs Kiddies Cakes

Dave did a bit of time travelling last week, He cleaned a free standing gas cooker from circa 1949! He has done the maths and that make its 63 years old! A classic cooking appliance indeed. The customer bought it for £75.00 and it still cooks and runs well, in fact Dave thinks it was