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Ambient and Electronic Music

Met another new customer before Christmas a talented musician of many many years, called David Wright. He played me a few tracks while I was working, which was fantastic, fortunately music is still something we are allowed to participate with, it can bring us together whilst apart. David has played live here and abroad, and

Beautiful Bakes

Before Christmas I met my customer Michelle. I was cleaning her range that day, she likes to keep it super clean because she runs her business from home, it’s called “Beautiful Bakes”. As you can see from the photograph she is extremely talented at what she does, she loves to see how her cakes, which

Kooka Kleen Customer – Linda Boxshall

Just professionally cleaned a couple of cookers for one of my regular customers, they were moving house so I was kindly given the opportunity to clean the oven at the house they were leaving, which is always a gracious thing to do so the next owner starts with a lovely clean cooker. More recently at

KookaKleen Customer – Lizzie’s Etsy Shop

I was doing a cooker clean in Alburgh where the customer’s daughter, Lizzie, has just finished her degree in Illustration at Lincoln University. As part of her course Lizzie worked with a local hedgehog rescue group in Alburgh called Brocks Barn Hedgehog Rescue. She has produced a set of hedgehog character greetings cards which are

Kooka Kleen Customer – Lydia

I cleaned an oven for a new customer in Weybread last week, and while I was rejuvenating the oven, my customer was telling me about her passion in life, other than having a clean oven. She is an artist, that among other things, specialises in glass blowing. When my work was completed on the oven,

Kooka Kleen Customer – Tatters of Diss

I recently carried out a professional oven clean for a customer based in Diss. She was telling me about her new venture, situated in Diss High Street. It is a ladies boutique and is called Tatters. Sue, who runs Tatters, was telling me about the fantastic range of seasonal and fashionable clothing she carries in

Kooka Kleen Customer – Mistere Transfers

I had a local business do a great job for me recently, so thought I’d mention their good work. My wife wanted to transfer her daughters wedding from VHS video to DVD, and we are very lucky here in Harleston because we have Mistere Transfers right here in the heart of the town. Darren soon carried

Kooka Kleen Customer – Tank Change Ltd

It’s always nice when a Customer refers you to family and friends, I’ve just cleaned a Free Standing Cooker for another Mr Brown. This time it’s Terry Brown, who helps run a family business called Tank Change Ltd. They are based near Diss and carry out services that have anything to do with Oil tanks for Domestic, Agricultural and

Kooka Kleen Customer – E & D Boiler Maintenance Ltd

Last week I was out and about working in the heat wave, I did a clean on a double oven for a new customer who is based in Rickinghall. He was now about to go off to work and is a boiler specialist for Oil, Gas and LPG fired boilers. My customer David, was telling me

Kooka Kleen Customer – Charles Derby Norwich

I met another new customer from Norwich this week and thoroughly enjoyed cleaning her Double Oven whilst chatting about her business. Donna, who is a Mortgage and Protection adviser, really does have a good business brain on her shoulders. It is a job she loves doing, helping people make their way in life in the property world.