Will you need to use my sink or hot water?

No. We are completely self sufficient carrying all equipment and fluids required.

Can I clean stainless steel extractor filters in the dishwasher?

YES. In fact many manufacturers recommend cleaning them in this way. However you should always check the instruction booklet that accompanied your appliance. Extreme build up of fat and grease can be removed by soaking your metal filters in a solution of soda crystals.

Can you clean Gas or Ceramic hobs?

Yes. However due to the low cost of cleaning these items in relation to time and fuel costs we only clean hobs whilst cleaning ovens at the same time.

Can I use my oven immediately on completion of cleaning?

YES. We rinse all surfaces with water to remove any trace of chemicals prior to drying all oven compartments.

Will KookaKleens work scratch and mark stainless steel?

The simple answer is absolutely not. We use professional cleaners designed to leave the surfaces unmarked.