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MKG Automotive

I thought I’d give a mention to a friend of mine, who has worked in the Automotive industry all his life. Mark has now opened his own Garage on Mercers Road in Bury St Edmunds. His Garage Services include Servicing, Repairs, Diagnostics, Tyres, Mot’s, and Air Conditioning and he is really enjoying the new challenge. If

Warning! Never Mix Cleaning Products

I cleaned a Small Electric Range in Needham near Harleston today. My Customer was telling me about what had happened to her since I last cleaned her oven. She had been through a very nasty experience cleaning her shower unit and had put one cleaning product on the shower and it wasn’t doing the job. She

Feisty Little Fellow!

My Wife and I sometimes take a stroll of an evening around Harleston and on this particular day it was getting near dusk, when I saw this little dog trotting along the path. It appeared owner-less, I began to follow it and called to it, but it was too fast and too far away, so


Winter Puncture Blues

What a week I had over the festive period. I worked all seven days to try and fit in all my customers. On my way to Redgrave, which is near Diss, my trusty van starting squirming about. It dawned on me in the middle of nowhere, on this freezing cold day, that I had got

Kooka Kleen Safety Warning – Have your cooker switch checked

For over four years now I have been professionally cleaning ovens and I thought I had seen it all in my daily work but things like I am now going to talk about prove how wrong you can be. Last week I was working on a property that was part of a local letting agencies

Centiflex Systems Ltd – Cleaning my neighbours oven!

It’s a funny old world, this morning I didn’t even have to start my van or leave my road to go to my first job! Yes my first customer today was my neighbour. Paul, who lives next door to me, was really pleased with the results of the oven clean I did for him and

Oven Cleaning in Yoxford

Dave has had an eventful week! He was in Yoxford, parked opposite the shop,professionally cleaning some oven racks in his vans’ oven cleaning dip tank, which were from the customer’s oven, when a lady began having trouble starting her car. She asked a chap who was walking by for some help and then she also asked Dave for assistance. The

A Kooka Kleen Safety Note

Dave had to do a professional oven clean on a Large Range the other day for a regular customer. He also knows the customers daughter as he has to clean her oven as well. His customer was relating to him how her daughter was having trouble with her Ceramic Hob after she had dropped a saucepan on

Watch our for Cold Callers

Dave had a customer telling him a very sad story the other day. The customer had received a call, from what sounded like a nice lady, offering to clean two carpets for a very reasonable £20. So obviously they agreed to it. The trouble was that when the chap came to do the job he

Kooka Kleen Customers – Commercial and Domestic Electricians – GD Contract Ltd

Dave cleaned a gas range for a customer in Attleborough this week. They are called GD Contract Ltd and are really busy as they have just moved into larger premises for their business. GD Contract Ltd are Commercial and Domestic Electricians and might be of use If you have any problems of that nature. Call