Warning! Never Mix Cleaning Products

I cleaned a Small Electric Range in Needham near Harleston today. My Customer was telling me about what had happened to her since I last cleaned her oven.
She had been through a very nasty experience cleaning her shower unit and had put one cleaning product on the shower and it wasn’t doing the job.

She then added another product and when the liquids mixed they reacted and she was quickly overcome by the fumes. She then collapsed but luckily her son was at home, who dragged her clear of the bathroom and phoned 999. She was rushed to hospital, her eyes badly affected, her throat all burnt and it was also attacking her body.

She went into Chemical reaction shock! The poor Lady ended up in intensive care for six days and it was touch and go if she was going to make it at one stage.

The Consultant told her that she had accidentally concocted a form of deadly Mustard Gas, and that she was very lucky indeed.

I can’t say the names of the products, but both said on the label do not mix with other products, it was just an unfortunate chain of events.

My Customer has made almost a full recovery but is still a bit weak and she is happy for me to recount her story. Hopefully nobody else will fall foul of something like this. She also thinks the labels should have a skull and cross bones or such like on the front, warning of the dangers of mixing products as she had never come across it before. I must admit it’s the first time I’ve heard of the dangers.