Feisty Little Fellow!

My Wife and I sometimes take a stroll of an evening around Harleston and on this particular day it was getting near dusk, when I saw this little dog trotting along the path. It appeared owner-less, I began to follow it and called to it, but it was too fast and too far away, so I gave up. Walking further on and nearly home, it suddenly appeared around the corner coming from a different direction, I said to my wife, I’m going after it, that dog’s lost.

So I ran after it, down a long footpath, I nearly caught it but then it saw me and put a spurt on, just before the path meets the road. I dived for it and caught the dog, he went a bit mad, screaming like a banshee! and trying to really bite me, very angry indeed, I then realised, now what do I do?

It was then this chap came out of his house to see what the noise was, the dog and I where both huffing and puffing on the ground. He then went in and came out a while later, with a bit of old rope, which he cleverly made into a make shift lead, we put it on the dog and then I got up and it went mad because this lead was round its neck, pulled away, shook off the lead, broke free and was off down the road again!!

Off I went again in hot pursuit! the pooch was running towards the Harleston main road , we both ran into it, I was waving my arms like a mad thing, luckily he wasn’t run over because the cars all stopped. I saw some people ahead, the dog ran towards one lad who tried to grab it, he held onto it, just as I said watch out it bites, he nipped, the lad shouted in pain, the dog was free again!
In the end there was about five of us around this dog, I dived for it, and held him down, he went mad again, screaming and trying hard to bite me.

One chap lived a few doors down and had a dog crate, 3 minutes later he was safe and behind bars!! I ran home to get my van to bring the little fellow home. When I was heading back to the dog I saw someone swinging a torch about and I thought could this be? I shouted “have you lost a dog?”, “Yes I have”, came the reply back from the women. “What does it looked like?” I said, to check it was hers and a few minutes later they were reunited! “TOBY!” she shouted when she got him out of the cage, this frightened little dog was calm now. The dog and owner were visiting family in Harleston and he had escaped from their back garden. I found out he is deaf, 14 years old, and has a weak heart! I said “No way!, he just gave me a massive work-out half way round town!” For a week after I had stiff legs, and hobbled about. But all ended well and dog and owner are together and happy again.