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Kooka Kleen Customers – Commercial and Domestic Electricians – GD Contract Ltd

Dave cleaned a gas range for a customer in Attleborough this week. They are called GD Contract Ltd and are really busy as they have just moved into larger premises for their business. GD Contract Ltd are Commercial and Domestic Electricians and might be of use If you have any problems of that nature. Call

Kooka Kleen Customer: Alderwood Lodges

While Dave was out cleaning a cooking range he met Leigh who was telling him about her three Holiday Lodges. You can stay in them and they are located in Garboldisham, Norfolk. The lodges are set on a nine acre site amongst woodlands, grasslands and situated by the Little Ouse stream. The site  holds a

Kooka Kleen Customer: MRE Firewood

Dave’s been to Wickham Skeith in the last week to do some oven cleaning for his customer, who runs a Firewood Business called MRE Firewood. Mr Eggleton who runs MRE Firewood, was telling Dave that he is very busy at the moment as his customer’s are stocking up for the winter chill. MRE’s firewood is

Kooka Kleen Customer: Saltgate House and Coriander

Dave has been out to Saltgate House again, the lovely bed and breakfast we mentioned back in 2012, cleaning their cooking range. Saltgate House is run by Carol and Steve and is situated in Beccles. You can contact them on 01502 710889 to book up a stay and its well worth it. Dave and his

Tradesman Insurance and the Rat

Dave had a shock the other day. He was working away on a double oven and the customer had left the back door open because of the heat. Out the corner of his eye, something lumped onto the doormat and he looked round to see a great big grey RAT! The rat sat there looking