Tradesman Insurance and the Rat

Dave had a shock the other day. He was working away on a double oven and the customer had left the back door open because of the heat. Out the corner of his eye, something lumped onto the doormat and he looked round to see a great big grey RAT! The rat sat there looking at Dave who started waving his arms about thinking it would run back outside but no…. it just sat there.

Dave got up and started shouting at it and doing a bit of a demented jig as he walked towards it. Luckily it had enough by now and turned tail. Just be aware that when leaving doors open unwanted guest’s are never far away.

Dave was also working on a Range that day and there was a big fuss. The Painter had tipped a whole can of white paint over the customers carpet and it came out that the Painter had no insurance! If you have a tradesman/woman come in your house make sure they have insurance but rest assured we at Kooka Kleen are all correctly covered.