Beware of Silicone

Dave professionally cleaned a Range the other day and the Customer was trying to explain the reason why she wanted it cleaned. It was more to do with a mistake than due to any real dirt build up and it’s a lesson to us all really.

The lady had bought two silicone trays and had put them on the bottom of each oven compartment with the view to catching fat drips, etc. Sadly they had melted and covered the inside with a fine sticky powder.

Dave worked his magic and the ovens came up really well, apart from the middles, where the heat had been strongest. There the powder had caused the heat to burn into the enamel and discoloured it for good.

A better way would have been to buy an Oven Liner off us at Kooka Kleen. They are designed for the job and in many cases they can be used and will work in nearly all cooking appliances.

Dave is going to see if Shell will sponsor his Kooka Kleen van as he has been really busy and we all know that fuel is very expensive these days.

He has visited Yoxford, Walberswick, Norwich, Lowestoft, Beccles, Bungay, Thetford, Billingford, Diss, Palgrave and his home town of Harleston and the beat goes on……..