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Topping up my tan in Norfolk

I get to clean Ovens in the oddest of places sometimes; it’s not always in peoples home as you would think was the case. Yesterday I went to a small industrial estate near Harleston in Norfolk. The owner of the oven wanted it cleaned as he was going to sell it on eBay and wanted it

Centiflex Systems Ltd – Cleaning my neighbours oven!

It’s a funny old world, this morning I didn’t even have to start my van or leave my road to go to my first job! Yes my first customer today was my neighbour. Paul, who lives next door to me, was really pleased with the results of the oven clean I did for him and

Beware of Silicone

Dave professionally cleaned a Range the other day and the Customer was trying to explain the reason why she wanted it cleaned. It was more to do with a mistake than due to any real dirt build up and it’s a lesson to us all really. The lady had bought two silicone trays and had