Topping up my tan in Norfolk

I get to clean Ovens in the oddest of places sometimes; it’s not always in peoples home as you would think was the case.

Yesterday I went to a small industrial estate near Harleston in Norfolk. The owner of the oven wanted it cleaned as he was going to sell it on eBay and wanted it looking good before he took some images.

The oven had been in his house, but he had got a new one and so took this one to the unit so he could have some nice hot food during the winter months. It was a bit dirty and looked a bit forlorn sitting on a bench in the middle of an industrial estate.

I must admit it was nice cleaning out the oven and enjoying the lovely British summer, whilst topping up my tan and I must have looked a strange sight cleaning a cooking appliance in between the small units in the middle of July.

Anyway I cleaned it all up very nicely and got it looking as good as new. The owner was very pleased and was happy as he could now get a higher price for it at the auction.

Other business owners around the site had been watching on and one was so impressed with the work and cleanliness of the oven compared to before, that he purchased it on the spot for a reasonable price to go into the new home he is having built.

Truth really is stranger than fiction and life is full of surprises. It makes it fun though, especially as I now have a nice tan after 3 hours in this beautiful July weather.

Professional Oven Cleaning - Before

Professional Oven Cleaning – Before


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Professional Oven Cleaning – After