Having trust in your oven cleaner

I have now had a DBS(CRB) check carried out. Commonly called a Police Check, I thought it would be yet another plus for my professional oven cleaning services; after all you can never have too many positives from whoever is providing you with your services.

Some of my customers need to pop out while their ovens are being cleaned and if it’s the first time they have used me then obviously a certain level of trust comes into it. I do often clean ovens independently in customers’ homes however and it’s not unusual.

The varied dwellings I carry out oven cleaning in sometimes makes me smile. In the morning I could be working on my own in a house worth £1.7 Million, having been told where to find the key, with my payment left out along with a note saying – “Thanks in advance for the work, sorry we couldn’t be there in person to meet you, hope to next time”, then in the afternoon I’ll be at a flat and I’ll have a customer concerned about my every move, which I fully understand.

I can honestly say though, I’m really no trouble, and now I can confirm that with my DBS check. I’ve heard it said sometimes you have to take a leap of faith in so many things in life, and having trust in others is one of them.

I always conduct myself in a professional manner, and have over the last few years built a strong customer base from which I get a lot of repeat work. I have worked for customers from all walks of life, some of who are disabled, elderly, vulnerable in some way, unwell, profoundly deaf and limited in vision, in fact customers who have a full spectrum of reasons why there needs to be a strong bond of trust, and I believe I have exceeded their expectations.

On a sad note I have been told by my customers about their bad experiences with other oven cleaners who can be quite unprofessional it appears, due to the cleaners having done strange things or having been more than a bit odd in manner. Because of these things, those oven cleaners have lost client trust and I have gained their customers because of it, but that’s another whole new blog entry I think.