Kooka Kleen Customer: MRE Firewood

Dave’s been to Wickham Skeith in the last week to do some oven cleaning for his customer, who runs a Firewood Business called MRE Firewood.

Mr Eggleton who runs MRE Firewood, was telling Dave that he is very busy at the moment as his customer’s are stocking up for the winter chill.

MRE’s firewood is sustainably harvested and seasoned premium hardwood, with free delivery in the local area. They also offer discounts for larger volumes and a wood stacking service is also available.

If you would like to know more you can call Mr Eggleton on 07503 186204 or email him at mrefirewood@hotmail.co.uk

MRE Firewood also have a website at http://www.mrefirewood.co.uk/default.html