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Cleaning The Loving Oven

I have recently been to Denham and it was a lovely sunny day. While there I professionally cleaned a Cooking Range for another professional, a master in bespoke celebration cakes, dessert tables, custom baked treats and gifts. My customer showed me some photo’s of her work, and they were stunning!! It really was food art. If

Kooka Kleen Customers: Mrs Kiddies Cakes

Dave did a bit of time travelling last week, He cleaned a free standing gas cooker from circa 1949! He has done the maths and that make its 63 years old! A classic cooking appliance indeed. The customer bought it for £75.00 and it still cooks and runs well, in fact Dave thinks it was

Book a Kooka Kleen in advance

Dave’s been cleaning ovens and cookers in Easton, Burgate Little Green, Cringleford, Diss, Pulham St Mary, Bungay and Debenham on a bit of a grand tour of Norfolk recently. This week has been a rich mix of cookers, single ovens, double ovens and plenty of cooking ranges too. Dave’s had a few customers of late

Kooka Kleen Super Hero

Dave has been to Hethersett, Lakenham, Roydon, Ditchingham, Diss, and Earsham of late. He had to get out his Super Hero Cape when he was at Earsham! He had just finished for the day, having done a ladies Free Standing Electric cooker that afternoon, and he was driving out of Earsham, when he noticed a pair

Clean ovens save energy and work better

Did you know that if you have a dirty oven it is less efficient and takes longer to cook? This in turn uses more electricity. The oven has to work harder to make up for the fact that the heat is absorbed by the sooty and greasy deposits rather than in the food. Oven walls