Mobile Phone signals and the Christmas run-up

Dave heard a little tip the other day when he was talking to a chap from Orange. The Orange man said you get a better signal if you hold your mobile in your right hand. It has something to do with your left-hand and your heart-line.

Dave’s been, and will shortly be going to, Beccles, Thorpe end, Sprouston, Roydon, Aldeburgh, Bungay, Leiston, and Harleston, so feel free to give him a wave if you spot his blue Kooka Kleen van buzzing around.

Dave took a booking for January 2013, today. Don’t forget we get very busy before C…….s ( It’s ok we won’t say that word yet) but with five vans on the road we have got “you no what” covered so that’s one less thing to worry about. Or you can book up for January to start totally clean for the new year. A great gift for a friend maybe? certainly different!