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Kooka Kleen Customers: EFM Surfacing Contractors

Dave used his Kooka Kleen magic this week to clean a large gas cooking range in Wickham Market. Whilst there Dave was chatting about his customer’s business which is EFM Surfacing Contractors. EFM are asphalt tarmacadam contractors and as well as laying asphalt they can surface dress roadways, drives, pathways, tennis courts and other similar

Kooka Kleen Customers: Monsters Ltd and Chequers B&B

Dave cleaned a Small Range Cooker the other day and encountered a Monster! well sort of anyway. The nice lady who’s range he was getting spotless runs Monsters. If you have not heard of Monsters, it’s one of the best indoor children’s play area’s around and is situated in Diss in Norfolk. Monsters has slides, ropes, loads

Have your filters changed

Dave’s been really busy of late working on some Aga’s and Ranges as well as the normal Single and Double ovens. Don’t forget we also professionally clean Microwaves and Cooker Hood/Extractors which often need there filters changed and if we are there doing your cooker it can make sense to have it done at the same