Kooka Kleen Customers: Monsters Ltd and Chequers B&B

Dave cleaned a Small Range Cooker the other day and encountered a Monster! well sort of anyway. The nice lady who’s range he was getting spotless runs Monsters. If you have not heard of Monsters, it’s one of the best indoor children’s play area’s around and is situated in Diss in Norfolk.

Monsters has slides, ropes, loads of climbing, a coloured ball pit and the complete works really. They have fresh food and drink and an under 4’s area also. For more info visit www.monstersltd.co.uk  or  call 01379 641400

Dave also met another nice lady at Chequers Bed and Breakfast while cleaning her cooking range. Chequers is based at Wickham Market and she obviously cares about her guest’s to have her Range cleaned professionally by Kooka Kleen.

What a lovely place Chequers is, Dave was taken aback by the setting, also thinking what a great house to come to stay at. If you would like to know more Phone Janice on 01728 746284 or visit www.chequerssuffolk.co.uk