Kooka Kleen Customers: Bill and Ben Gardening Services and Mark Doubleday

Sometimes its worth asking us what local tradesmen/women or companies we come across. For example Dave recently cleaned a cooker clean for Mark Doubleday, a local Builder of 25 years experience in the Bungay area. He found Mark to be very interesting regarding accounts of his workmanship. Mark is contactable on 01986 896647 should anyone require more info.

Another customer’s cooker Dave worked on was for Bill and Ben Gardening Services on 01359 232091 or 07944 190319. Bill and Ben Gardening Services is run by Anita and Ian Jessop. They are open 10am to 4pm Thursday to Sunday and have a garden Nursery in Pakenham on Fen Road, near Ixworth, Suffolk, IP31 2LS

While there, Dave walked round a corner and came face to face with what he thought was, for a split second, his reflection. There was this handsome chap with a stunning body but after he had rubbed his eyes, he saw it was one of Ian’s large statues of a Greek God!!

Dave then realised it was very, very good and unlike him in also most every way! Ian also makes Water Features, Bird baths and Animals, etc.

Bill and Ben Gardening Services also do Local Garden Maintenance and if you would like there latest brochure email: anita.billandben@btinternet.com