Watch our for Cold Callers

Dave had a customer telling him a very sad story the other day. The customer had received a call, from what sounded like a nice lady, offering to clean two carpets for a very reasonable £20. So obviously they agreed to it.

The trouble was that when the chap came to do the job he said he wanted £500 to carry out the work and then proceeded to make a very big deal about having to put a spray down to protect the carpets.

Using his gift of salesmanship he wore our customer down and coerced them into speaking with his boss, who wore them down even more and in the end this so called carpet cleaner, who was really a cowboy, ended up taking all the money they had in the house. Our customer felt coerced and threatened into paying for this “service” by some very underhand sales practises.

A friend of our customer is now taking this further for them to try and get back the money that was taken from them in an unfair manner.

Kooka Kleen would like to tell our customers to be careful when receiving cold calls and if you want to say No! Then please say No as it is your right to do so. By letting these kinds of people into your home means you don’t know what you may be letting yourself in for.

If you do need a Carpet Cleaner please ask us, as we have one that are families and friends use, who is highly recommended and will not rip you off. Also don’t forget to register with the telephone preference service here: