Kooka Kleen Customers: Annette’s Home-made Cakes and Scones

Last Sunday night Dave and his Wife went to see an amazing female singer at the Apollo Club in Harleston. They went to see Kay’d singing live, she is a country singer but don’t let that put you off as her voice is captivating.

Dave has been going to the Apollo for years and he has never felt the need to sing the praises of a singer before, but Kay’d had such a strong sweet sound you could hear every word.

Go and see Kay’d live and see what you think for yourself, Dave hopes you agree. The Apollo is open every other Sunday night for country music. You can call them on 01379 854205 for further details.

Dave has also been to an interestingly named place this week called Repps with Bastwick. It is out near Great Yarmouth. There he met Annette who had her ovens cleaned professionally.

Annette keeps her ovens looking tip top because she runs a business called Annette’s Home-made Cakes and Scones and you might see her round and about because she goes to the local farmers markets.

Annette makes perfect cakes and  if she can be of any service to you with her baking skills, she is based in the Great Yarmouth area and contactable on 01692 670992 or 07766 488131 or you can email her at annettepride@btinternet.com