Kooka Kleen Customer – Linda Boxshall

Just professionally cleaned a couple of cookers for one of my regular customers, they were moving house so I was kindly given the opportunity to clean the oven at the house they were leaving,
which is always a gracious thing to do so the next owner starts with a lovely clean cooker.

More recently at their new property in Fressingfield, unfortunately the previous owner didn’t have the appliances cleaned before they left, so I was called in to make good so they could use the oven.

Linda who is my customer, was telling me how she was pleased she is all square now so she can concentrate on her business which is a massage therapist.
She was telling me how highly qualified she was in all the treatments that she does and the care and attention she lavishes on her customers.

If that sounds like something you require and you are in need of pampering and relaxing treatments, Linda is contactable on

Linda Boxshall, Fressingfield (01379) 586788 or l.boxshall468@btinternet.com