Greenhouse Glass Safety

I meet lots of new people in this job, some customers I meet have come to me because they have moved to a new location. The property might not be new, the oven needs cleaning, the decoration needs refurbishing and things in the garden might have been standing for years, for example an old glass greenhouse.

One of my customers told me a harrowing story about a tragic accident with a young child and a greenhouse, that happened to his relative but it is far too graphic and upsetting to repeat.

What I will say is find out what kind of glass is in your greenhouse as it can save your life or prevent massive injuries if you replace it with the right type of glass for additional safety.

These are the types of glass you can commonly get in greenhouses:

ANNEALED glass, aka HORTICULTURAL glass –  It’s fine until it breaks, it is weak and prone to cracking and under pressure breaks into large, jagged shards. This is the cheapest form of glass and also the most dangerous.

TEMPERED glass is less of a risk as it mainly breaks into tiny bits.

LAMINATED glass is safer still as it does not break – it may shatter but holds the bits together much like a car windscreen.

If you are wary about using glass to glaze your greenhouse remember their are acrylic and plastic panels available that do the same job and are much safer.

Always employ a professional who is competent to take down glass and remove and dispose of it safely and correctly.

There is no price worth paying to save a child from being injured or killed. Always ensure your garden areas, greenhouses and sheds are as safe as they need to be for children.

Sadly freak accidents really do happen, involving inherited greenhouses at the bottom of the garden. Please make sure it doesn’t happen to you.