Beware of Soft Grass Verges

Dave has a bit of advice to all fellow drivers: Be aware of soft grass beside roads with all this recent rain.

Dave was on the way to a job last week, when he realized he had taken a wrong turn. So he thought he would just turn round between two field gates.

A big mistake, as it then dawned on him he was stuck halfway across the road getting deeper and deeper into a rut! As luck would have it Dave was near a house, the owner of which came out with his 4 x 4 car, and towed him out.

When Dave was a boy he lived on a farm and was well aware of the trapping/containment abilities of mud. He mentioned this to his rescuer, but felt he didn’t believed it. Anyway thanks to the rescuer Dave was just a few minutes late, his van was a bit muddy, but he was free.