A look into Dave’s week

So far this week, Dave, who covers the South Norfolk area which includes Diss, Beccles and Thetford, has been roaming the Diss area. He has been doing some regional marketing, delivering leaflets and working hard to expand his customer base in his area.

The snow has caused a few problems reaching customers but he has worked hard to keep the appointments and hasn’t failed to miss one or arrive late. Being in rural Norfolk it can be hard to reach people as some of the roads in winter are quite hazardous with ice and drifts.

So far this week he has professionally cleaned several single and double ovens and he has done a particularly large range which has one of the most stunning splash backs he has ever seen. It had four large shell images incorporated into the design which has an almost holographic and 3d appearance to them, coloured in a contrasting black with sea green.

Dave enjoys his job very much and enjoys getting out and about in the van. He likes meeting people from all walks of life, seeing the lovely kitchens they have designed, getting to know his customers and the interesting careers they have, whilst leaving them with a cooker that is professionally cleaned and adds aesthetic value to their homes. He is very proud of his work and enjoys the delight on his customers faces when they see the finished clean.

Dave is also a keen cook and has a good tip for all our readers who enjoy cooking too: To properly cook a baked potato, place the spud directly on the metal rack and then take a long metal skewer and push it through the middle. The heat will travel to the middle of the potato and will bake more evenly and much faster which will save time and energy. It will also improve the fluffiness of the potato.